Meet the Alabama Vaccine Confidence Network’s Latest Partner – Acclinate

We help pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and healthcare organizations access and engage communities of color so their research efforts are more inclusive and reflect the populations they serve. Early awareness and engagement is necessary when working with communities of color who may be skeptical of participating in clinical research. Acclinate uses a proven, three-tiered, three-phased approach to move from community awareness to participation. Acclinate™ is your trusted, digital health company improving health equity through inclusive research.

How We Work Together

Acclinate integrates culture and technology to achieve better results for all. Acclinate helps access health-related content that minority people care about, sourced directly from the minority community. Creates an avenue for connection with others in the minority community by sharing perspectives, stories, and insights. Provides relevant and reputable resources to enable individuals’ health journeys. Their #NOWINCLUDED community is our method for educating and engaging diverse populations on health-related issues.

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The Alabama VCN is a collaborative partnership with multiple community-based and health organizations.

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