A Community in Support of Those Affected by Alzheimer’s

Are you or someone you know affected by Alzheimer’s disease?

How do we address Alzheimer’s in communities of color?

As of now, there is still no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. And one of the biggest challenges to understanding, treating, and preventing Alzheimer’s disease is the fact that most of what scientists and doctors do know is based on white Americans with Alzheimer’s. They know much less about non-white groups.


That’s why it’s so important for scientists to learn as much as they can about how Alzheimer’s happens and progresses in the body, who gets Alzheimer’s, and what makes certain people — Black folks, for example — more likely to develop the disease than others.

Here’s the truth. When it comes to medical research, we aren’t all included – not the way we should be, and not the way we can be.

People of Color make up 40 percent of the U.S. population, but there’s a real lack of diversity when it comes to people participating in genetic testing and clinical trials. That’s why certain medications don’t work for Black people, Hispanics and other People of Color, and that’s only scratching the surface. Let me put it this way: we’re underrepresented, which has only widened the number of healthcare disparities for us. That’s a problem, so let’s fix it.


Regardless of your own individual risk, chances are that at least one of the loved ones in your life will develop Alzheimer’s disease. One of the most important ways you can help is to continue to learn about the causes, risk factors, and warning signs of Alzheimer’s and to get involved with projects that help scientists learn more about treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s.

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