October 2021 | AL
Disease-Specific Story

The Beginning: Tiffany’s Story

As a young mom, my son was diagnosed with asthma. When he was only a toddler, I discovered that his asthma medication,...
October 2021 | IN
Disease-Specific Story

We’re Not Going Anywhere

When Jorrell Campbell met Adrienne, their loving relationship continued to where she gave birth to their daughter....
October 2021 | MI
General Member Story

The Labor of Fair Consent

When giving birth to my second child, things did not go well. My normal midwife was just coming off her shift when I...
October 2021 | TX
Healthcare Professional Story

Physician, Listener & Advocate

As an African American, female women's health advocate and physician-scientist, I've found representation matters...
September 2021 | MS
Condition-Specific Story

Following My First Thoughts

As a career and family-oriented female, I’ve always wanted children. At the age of 35 my husband and I decided to...
September 2021 | GA
Condition-Specific Story

Help Yourself

While serving as the primary caregiver for someone with debilitating diabetes, Tamara “Tam” Joyner subjected...
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