August 2021
Healthcare Professional Story

Accidental Hero

I am an accidental hero. Not because I am a doctor, but because I made a choice years ago that has saved lives. It...
August 2021 | AL
Healthcare Professional Story

Vaccination: A Risk Worth Taking

A health provider’s voice speaks volumes in the world of healthcare as it is a shared story, from both the patient...
August 2021 | AL
Disease-Specific Story

My Youth Will Not Be Wasted

Brittny Petty was only twenty-five years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. A routine checkup with her...
August 2021 | IL
Condition-Specific Story

If You Built It Health Will Come

Antoine Jenkins dreamed of becoming a doctor ever since he was a kid. While studying in the pre-med program at Indiana...
August 2021 | IN
Condition-Specific Story

Application of Knowledge

Eugene Robinson, Sr. is a retired Army sergeant, father, and grandfather who has lived a healthy life with no major...
June 2021 | IA
Healthcare Professional Story

Too Soon?

As new trials continue to improve treatment options for patients with all types of cancer, it’s “never too soon to...
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