Vaccine Resource Center

The Alabama Department of Public Health has created a resource center for scheduling your vaccine and other vaccine related needs. 

Alabama Vaccination Tracker

We Got Answers: A COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ.

Check out these FAQs that addresses some common questions regarding the COVID-19 Vaccines. 

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5 Questions and Answers about mRNA Vaccines

Download the NIH Tip Sheet

Alabama COVID-19 Updates


Tips for Staying Safe

Avoid your touching your face

Maintain physical distance

Wear a mask whenever you’re around others

Cough into your elbow or a tissue

Clean shared surfaces often

Wash your hands with soap and water

If you feel sick, stay home

When possible, make your meetings virtual

Helpful Links and Resources

With so much going on in the world, it can be hard to remember what you should be doing to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. With the help of the NIH, we’ve compiled a list of tips to keep in mind moving forward. 


Each of these sources can be relied upon to provide useful and accurate information about COVID-19. 

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