We’re looking for passionate, self-driven, forward-thinking leaders to influence change and encourage inclusion as #NOWINCLUDED Ambassadors.

An Ambassador is someone who:

How it Works:

Our ambassadors share the #NOWINCLUDED movement’s message and content with their networks through social media, events and presentations, face-to-face interactions and more. They are also encouraged to own their voice and stories as we work together to ensure everyone is #NOWINCLUDED.

Weekly, we’ll share ideas on how ambassadors can spread the word about #NOWINCLUDED to their network, but we expect our self-motivated, dedicated ambassadors to be creative and share their unique outreach suggestions with us.

To truly include everyone, first we must boldly inform everyone. We encourage you to sit down with your friends and family and ask them questions about health decisions they have made and why. Help educate your family and friends about the past medical injustices and the way the medical and healthcare industries are evolving. When empowered by information, individuals make more educated healthcare decisions for themselves and their families, which will impact generations to come.

Ambassador Duties:

Ambassador Benefits:

You are a part of a movement, not a moment.