COVID-19 has shed a light on the many health disparities that exist within minority communities. Alabama rural communities continue to be severely impacted due to a lack of access to quality healthcare services. A variety of elements contribute to these problems in rural areas. Some include a declining population, economic stagnation, poor and underinsured residents, and high rates of chronic illness.

NOWINCLUDED seeks to shine a light on, and address, these inequities. Likewise, NOWINCLUDED, is working with local partners to help educate the residents of Hobson City on healthcare barriers and how to navigate them. We strongly believe that if the residents are educated, they will make informed decisions not only about the vaccine but their health in general. We are working with Mayor McCrory and the local Regional Medical Center (RMC) to make the COVID-19 vaccine available to residents who are ready to receive it.

Through collaborations with Jacksonville State University, the Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama, Quality of Life, Alabama Conference of Mayors, Gilbert Creative, and others, we will build a healthier Hobson City.

Hobson City, Alabama is NOWINCLUDED.