Living Nightmare to Living My Dream

Auvon St. Louis is the poster child for remaining positive in a sea of devastating life events. Her father died suddenly at age 33 from a massive heart attack and her mom died at age 44 from ALS. In the midst of tragedy, Auvon was dealing with a health challenge of her own.

While the news was devastating, it was validating to hear there was a name for what I was experiencing.

“After 14 years of unexplained pain, I was finally diagnosed with stage IV Endometriosis and infertility,” Auvon explained. “While the news was devastating, it was validating to hear there was a name for what I was experiencing.”

Auvon was a trooper in continuing her education and career while navigating her condition. She completed her undergraduate studies at Ball State University and relocated to New Jersey to serve as an admissions counselor at a nearby university. It was during this time that she met her future husband. As they talked about marriage and building a family, she also disclosed her health journey so that he understood the upcoming challenges of being with her.

“I endured many surgeries and treatments throughout the years to maintain my illness,” she said. “Once we got married, my husband and I were subject to the IVF process when we were ready to begin building our family.”

Auvon’s husband and younger brother have been huge supporters of Auvon’s journey to healing and motherhood. One important factor has been her diligence in seeking as much information as possible about her illness. Unfortunately, there was not much research in the beginning, but their persistence uncovered information as the years went on. In the meantime, Auvon relied on lifestyle changes, knowing that living healthier could only help her situation.

“It has been a challenge living with this illness as there was not much knowledge about it until recent years,” Auvon shared. “I’m learning and making lifestyle changes as I go to give myself and my family the best quality of life possible.”

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