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NowIncluded is a proud partner of:

Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics X Underserved Populations

"RADx-rad will support new, non-traditional approaches, including rapid detection devices and home-based testing technologies, that address current gaps in COVID-19 testing. The program will also support new or non-traditional applications of existing approaches to make them more usable, accessible, or accurate. These may lead to new ways to identify the current SARS-CoV-2 virus as well as potential future viruses."


NIH is developing community-engaged projects across the United States to assess and expand COVID-19 testing for these underserved and/or vulnerable populations, which include health disparity populations, particularly African Americans and American Indians/Alaska Natives; those in nursing homes, jails, rural areas, or underserved urban areas; pregnant women; and the homeless.

Specific activities include:

  • Establishing multiple clinical research sites across the country to evaluate, in real-time, a variety of testing methods in specific populations, areas, and settings
  • Encouraging collaboration between the program sites and the community — tribal health centers, houses of worship, homeless shelters, and prison systems — to identify and address their unique needs

RADx-UP will develop testing strategies to apply the technological advances emerging from the various RADx efforts in real-world settings, such as distributing home diagnostic kits.

The program is occuring in two phases. The first phase focuses on communities with established research infrastructures and partnerships to understand COVID-19 testing patterns, and implement strategies or interventions with the potential to rapidly increase reach, access, acceptance, uptake, and sustainment of FDA-authorized/approved diagnostics among vulnerable populations in geographic locations that are underserved. With extensive investment in the development and validation of new testing technologies, NIH anticipates significant changes in the landscape of testing and diagnostic approaches, as well as shifts in the pandemic itself over the next several months. Phase II of the RADx-UP initiative will be released at a later date to address developments for future community-engaged research.

Why we chose to Partner with RADx-UP

Initiatives such as RADx-UP are vital to improving the health of our marginalized communities and we believe that we can help them achieve their goals faster by using our community to help spread the word to those who are hard to reach. 

#NowIncluded is a movement by people of color for people of color. The educational services and opportunities we provide to members of our movement are free. We do not sell member data.