Self-Care Saves

Tameka Carey has spent her life serving those around her and ensuring they have the best quality of life possible. Growing up as an only child, she watched her mother build a successful “Meals on Wheels” program that touched countless lives in her community. After her mom departed in 2015, Tameka continued the tradition of helping others in her realm of financial wellness. In the midst of building her career as a branch manager while navigating life as a mother and grandmother, Tameka’s health often took a backseat until the backseat was no longer an option.

I know medication is necessary, but I feel like things are prescribed without looking at the bigger picture.

“High blood pressure has been my longest battle,” Tameka said. “My medication is always changing because sometimes it’s high; but after being on meds for a while it drops – leaving me lethargic and extremely tired.”

Tameka’s battle with hypertension was slowing having an impact on her ability to help her family, coworkers, and friends. She continued, “With taking the medications for my blood pressure, it causes my potassium and vitamin D to be low – resulting in having to take more pills.”

This spiral of increased meds and decreased activity prompted more questions from Tameka: “Why wasn’t this told to me when the meds were prescribed? I know medication is necessary, but I feel like things are prescribed without looking at the bigger picture.”

Tameka began taking control of her own health through ongoing research, particularly in natural remedies. This research became a catalyst for a new business venture for Tameka: a product line of all-natural skin and hair products designed for men and women to experience self-care with nurturing ingredients. While her brand of skincare may not address her hypertension, it helps keep her health in the forefront of her mind.

“The last few years I’ve looked into more natural remedies that work and it has me looking at my doctor through suspicious eyes,” Tameka explained.

While suspicions are valid, it doesn’t mean Tameka has thrown away her doctor visits. In fact, it prompted her to rely on a combination of updated health information, doctor’s insights, and practical life hacks that help her take better care of herself and those around her. Tameka has incorporated a healthier lifestyle that includes group walks with her girlfriends, spending active time with her grandson and running a successful business that continues her mother’s legacy of helping others live their best life.

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