December 2021 | AL
Disease-Specific Story

It Ain’t Over!

My health journey began with a routine visit in 2008. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had no signs or symptoms....
October 2021 | AL
Disease-Specific Story

The Beginning: Tiffany’s Story

As a young mom, my son was diagnosed with asthma. When he was only a toddler, I discovered that his asthma medication,...
October 2021 | IN
Disease-Specific Story

We’re Not Going Anywhere

When Jorrell Campbell met Adrienne, their loving relationship continued to where she gave birth to their daughter....
September 2021 | AL
Disease-Specific Story

The Pain in My Side

For many years, I suffered with groin and hip pain on my right side. I couldn’t move my hip without experiencing...
September 2021 | AL
Disease-Specific Story

He Couldn’t Breathe

My ten-year-old son had a history of asthma. Isaiah was on two different inhalers when the dreadful moment happened. I...
September 2021 | GA
Disease-Specific Story

The Mark of Survival

Chynell Berry, an African American mother and professional corporate trainer, decided to celebrate her 45th birthday...
September 2021 | FL
Disease-Specific Story

Whatever It Takes

Jacquie Johnson is an accomplished African American woman who has helped thousands of people as a financial wellness...
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