November 2021 | AL
General Member Story

The Voice of My Flock

In the African-American community, the black church remains a trusted source of information for your mind, body, and...
November 2021 | MI
General Member Story

A Broken System

I’m an insulin diabetic. When I catch a cold, I need an inhaler. I have multiple food allergies. The...
October 2021 | MI
General Member Story

The Labor of Fair Consent

When giving birth to my second child, things did not go well. My normal midwife was just coming off her shift when I...
September 2021
General Member Story

Take Me Seriously

In November 2014, I purchased a sandwich at a worksite cafeteria, and my life changed. I became sick instantly with...
August 2021 | AL
General Member Story

As Real As It Gets

Self-proclaimed health pundits and conspiracy theorists alike have flooded our media with conflicting messages...
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