NOWINCLUDED is a movement, powered by Acclinate where we are working to educate and engage our minority populations about their health, new innovations and industry advancements as well as clinical trials and genomic research. In this webinar, Dr. Morgan discusses the process of vaccine development and clinical trial participation. She also speaks about some of the barriers facing minorities’ access to adequate healthcare. Dr. Morgan addresses concerns about the black community and its acceptance of the COVID-19 vaccine as well as begins a conversation about the importance of diversity in drug trials and genetic research.

Dr. Jayne Morgan is a Cardiologist with extensive experience in clinical patient management, as well as pharmaceutical and biotech research. She currently serves as the Director of Innovation and Research for Piedmont Healthcare and is the Clinical Director of the COVID Task Force. For the past 2 decades, she has focused on improving the care and quality of life measures for patients from heterogenous populations, including end-of-life patients without further medical options.