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AL Amyloidosis

What is AL Amyloidosis?

AL Amyloidosis is a condition where the cells inside of the bone marrow produce misfolded antibody proteins. These proteins are deposited in and around body tissues, nerves, and organs. Over time the build-up of protein around organs can cause serious damage.

What We Offer

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For far too long, we have been overlooked and misguided when it comes to our health.

Communities of color are far more likely than our white counterparts to be underdiagnosed.

Together, we work with the medical community to find answers for health concerns.

Who created this community?

Our community was created by people who care about good health. Our goal is to be included in all health conversations. Our goal is a healthier community.

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Joining this community is a smart decision to help you be included in the conversation and innovations surrounding AL Amyloidosis. We want to support you and help you on your health journey.

What will I be asked to do?

As a community member, you should post your insights, questions, and information that can be helpful and supportive to others. Or, you can also choose just to read, comment, and like posts, be informed, and be current on AL Amyloidosis.

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