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#NOWINCLUDED is a movement with a mission to build a community of individuals ready to take control of their health and future. We’re dedicated to spreading knowledge about healthcare disparities for People of Color, and encouraging a diverse population to be included in medical research so results reflect and can protect all people.

Let’s participate, then celebrate. I’m #NOWINCLUDED. Are you?

Faith in God. Faith in medicine. Faith in each other.

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Dr. Hicks on doctors' responsibility to educate the public about vaccines.


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How Much Water Should I Really Drink?

19 Apr 2021

Although cliche, the statement “your body is a temple” is not as far-fetched as we would believe. Like a well-oiled machine, the human body has to maintain a steady vessel in order to perform even the most minute action. This...

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ADPH Partners with GuideSafe COVID Exposure App for Contact Tracing

14 Apr 2021

Smart Contact Tracing Hits the Heart of Dixie the ADPH has announced its partnership with the Google backed contact tracing app, GuideSafe for safe and effective contact tracing. The app will notify you if you have been near someone who...

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Why Black Representation Matters in Clinical Trials

12 Apr 2021

Thanks to Henrietta Lacks, a woman whose cervical cancer cells have significantly contributed to numerous scientific and medical breakthroughs and advancements, the medical community understands so much more about human health and how to treat many diseases. Although Henrietta Lacks...

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Brain fog is common in COVID-19 survivors. Experts share helpful advice

07 Apr 2021

Brain fog is an annoying symptom that continues to plague COVID-19 long-haulers. For many with long-haul COVID-19, brain fog has become a part of life. Stumbling to find the proper word for something, forgetting details once committed to memory, feeling easily confused, getting lost...

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What to Know About Each Covid-19 Vaccine

05 Apr 2021

With not one or two, but three Covid-19 vaccines, searching for information in one place can be tedious and time-consuming. Although there are similarities with each vaccine, there are some key things to note. Here, we’ll compare some of the...

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Acclinate Races Against The Clock To Increase Diversity In Clinical Drug Trials

02 Apr 2021

For Del Smith, the effort to increase minority participation in clinical drug trials is personal. His mother, a healthcare worker, passed away from tuberculosis. “They gave her drug after drug, after drug, trying to figure out which one was actually...

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There is a significant underrepresentation of racially and ethnically diverse people in clinical trials, leading to greater health disparity and inequality. We believe diversifying clinical trials to include more people of color increases knowledge about health issues and makes a difference in personalized healthcare for all. Acclinate it committed to addressing this problem on a community level by supporting individuals through #NOWINCLUDED.


To increase healthcare inclusion through diversifying participation in genomic research and clinical trials.

To see medical research represent minorities and personalized medicine better heal and protect all people.

To build a diverse community of individuals ready to raise their hand and take control of their health.

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