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#NOWINCLUDED is a movement with a mission to build a community of individuals ready to take control of their health and future. We’re dedicated to spreading knowledge about healthcare disparities for People of Color, and encouraging a diverse population to be included in medical research so results reflect and can protect all people.

Let’s participate, then celebrate. I’m #NOWINCLUDED. Are you?


Exercise and Hormones

COVID-19 has efficiently thrown a wrench in any plans we had for the past year. Travel plans quickly became nonexistent,...

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Dr. Hicks on doctors' responsibility to educate the public about vaccines.


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5 Benefits of Riding a Bicycle

04 Jun 2021

When we were kids, we could ride our bikes all day long.  It was fun!  We didn’t think of it as exercise, it was a great way to get to a friend’s house, the park, or school.  As adults, we...

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How to Find the Right Primary Care Physician

25 May 2021

Searching for the perfect physician to care for your wellbeing is not a decision to take lightly. The individual will be the keeper of pertinent information regarding your medical history, which tells a lot about a person. There are a...

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Exercise and Hormones

18 May 2021

COVID-19 has efficiently thrown a wrench in any plans we had for the past year. Travel plans quickly became nonexistent, grocery shopping became a grueling excursion, and life, as we know it, came to a complete standstill. Amid this pause,...

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Meeting People Where They Are – With Trusted Messengers in Safe Spaces

11 May 2021

In September 2020, nearly two dozen researchers throughout Florida quickly came together to address COVID-19-health disparities in areas disproportionately affected by the pandemic. But before they could organize vaccine drives and share COVID-19 resources, they decided to meet with local...

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Ten Foods to Promote Better Sleep

05 May 2021

Without fail, when someone suffers from an ailment medicinal remedies are immediately suggested to relieve the issue. We have become so dependent on medication that we do not even attempt to research more holistic solutions. It is no different for...

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Alabama United, Communities Against COVID

04 May 2021

You are here: Home Alabama United, Communities Against COVID Alabama United is a program funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to reduce health disparities among underserved and rural populations of Alabama. #NOWINCLUDED is proud to be the community engagement...

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6 Ways to Manage Work/Life Balance

29 Apr 2021

The balancing act between work life and personal life can be a bit nerve-wracking. Lean too far to the left and you risk submerging yourself within the woes of your job. You lean too far to the right, there’s a...

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The Real Price of Obesity

26 Apr 2021

The cost of obesity can be as high and heavy as having the weight of the world on our shoulders. The burdens we carry with being overweight and obese impact our lives in ways that reach far outside of pounds...

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There is a significant underrepresentation of racially and ethnically diverse people in clinical trials, leading to greater health disparity and inequality. We believe diversifying clinical trials to include more people of color increases knowledge about health issues and makes a difference in personalized healthcare for all. Acclinate it committed to addressing this problem on a community level by supporting individuals through #NOWINCLUDED.


To increase healthcare inclusion through diversifying participation in genomic research and clinical trials.

To see medical research represent minorities and personalized medicine better heal and protect all people.

To build a diverse community of individuals ready to raise their hand and take control of their health.

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