The online community for conversations about black health.


It’s time we hear each others’ health stories and experiences. From unknown family medical histories, to navigating misdiagnoses, to searching for the right doctors and the right treatment: people in our community are no strangers to disparities in healthcare.

For generations, we’ve needed a place – a trusted place – to hear from each other, share with each other and learn from each other. This is that place.


How much more likely black women are to die from breast cancer, compared to white women


How much more likely black people 
are to be diagnosed with diabetes compared to white people


The percentage of black people who actually receive the mental health services they need


How many more black people have high blood pressure, ages 50-64, compared to white people of the same age


How much higher maternal death rates are for non-white people compared to white people


How much higher prostate cancer mortality rates are for black men, compared to white men

Stories From Our Community

October 2021

Alabama Conference of Black Mayors

Through a partnership with the Alabama Conference of Black Mayors, NOWINCLUDED is enabling information that will improve the health of the black community from the leadership level within our communities. NOWINCLUDED has been able to bring valuable information to mayors that they can then share with their citizens.

October 2021

RADx: Identifying COVID-19 Disparities

Many communities across the United States are facing more difficulties than others as they confront the COVID-19 pandemic. RADx-UP is working to help those communities most impacted by COVID-19 across the nation. This initiative is vital to improving the health of our marginalized communities and we believe that we can help them achieve their goals […]

Featured Stories
October 2021
Healthcare Professional Story

The Power of Responsibility

For centuries, the voice and opinion of medical doctors has been layered with trust and…
October 2021 | AL
Disease-Specific Story

It Ain’t Over!

My health journey began with a routine visit in 2008. I was diagnosed with breast…
October 2021 |
Disease-Specific Story

We’re Not Going Anywhere

When Jorrell Campbell met Adrienne, their loving relationship continued to where she gave birth to their daughter. They were both ecstatic to start a new family together, but they weren’t expecting the challenges that were immediately ahead. “Our daughter was born with sickle cell disease,” Jorrell explained. “We knew that Adrienne dealt with sickle cell […]

“As a mother of two young boys, I want to do all I can to lead a healthy life – mentally and physically. It’s empowering to know I have a community of people – who look like me – to learn from and share with.”


– Leanna Adeola

“I’m grateful to have a place to not only share what I know, but to learn from others, when it comes to owning my health journey.”


– Kaleem McGill

“I’m in the healthcare industry, and have seen the power of people, within our own communities, sharing knowledge, and wisdom, that you can’t find online or in books.”


– Raphael Adeola

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