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Taking Care of Our Health from the Outside In

Love The Skin You're In

We often hear that “Black don’t crack,” but what does this really mean when it comes to the health of our skin? Taking care of our skin is more than just maintaining a youthful glow. It’s important to know the many conditions that can impact us- and not just the ones that come from the sun.

Skin conditions also can look different based on your complexion, and some doctors may not even recognize how they look on different skin tones. This can lead to skin conditions being underdiagnosed in people with more melanin.

NOWINCLUDED is here to address the myths about our skin care and give the information you need to keep your skin healthy. Show your skin some love by learning what conditions will most likely happen.

Securing Your Surface

So often we don’t see our skin represented. Skin conditions that impact us more are often discussed less. Read below to learn more about these and see how they may look different on our melanated skin.



Alopecia can start with the hair falling out in small patches on your head or other body parts, and can come from genetics, stress, or even certain hairstyles. This hair loss can also expose your scalp, so it’s important to know how to care for the areas left uncovered.  Alopecia in the Black Community



Eczema shows up as an itchy and scaly rash with cracked skin, typically found on the face, neck, arms, and legs. Eczema is very common because it can come from things like dry air, irritating soaps, dusty spaces, and more. The most common type is called “atopic dermatitis.” Eczema on Black skin



Hyperpigmentation happens when a patch of skin is darker than others. These darker areas can come from acne, insect bites, or anything that has bruised your skin. Hyperpigmentation on Black Skin



Keloids are thick, raised scars. They can appear anywhere after injuries to your skin like surgery or piercings. A Personal Story of Keloids on Black Skin



Psoriasis is a chronic condition that happens when skin cells multiply too quickly. This causes scaly, itchy, and sometimes raised dark brown or purplish-gray skin patches to appear. Types of Psoriasis on Black Skin

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Vitiligo is a skin condition that comes when patches of your skin start to lose color. This loss of color is usually more noticeable on darker skin tones. It can also be permanent and spread over time. Vitiligo Types and Causes

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Prurigo nodularis

Prurigo nodularis is a rare, chronic skin condition that causes an intense itchy, hard, and crusty rash. A PN rash often appears on the same spot on the arms and legs but can occur anywhere on the body. It can last as long as six weeks, but sometimes will come and go over time. Types of Prurigo Nodularis on Black Skin

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Shaping Our Future Through Clinical Research

When new treatments or medicines are made, doctors, researchers, and volunteers have to make sure they are safe to use. However, we historically have not been included in this process the way that we should be.

NOWINCLUDED is here to make sure that new treatments are made with us in mind, so future generations can lead healthier lives. 

Join us as we aim to improve clinical research diversity, so treatments can be developed that are safer and more effective for the Black community when it comes to our melanin.

Understand the Clinical Research Basics

Defend Your Skin

Keeping your skin safe is a daily practice, and the NOWINCLUDED community is here to give you the tools that you need to stay shining. 

NOWINCLUDED is here to provide you with:

  • Educational and trusted resources
  • Access to a supportive community where we’re seen and heard 
  • Opportunities to learn about clinical research and improve our health

Little Ways to Protect Yourself from UV Rays

Melanin does help to protect your skin, but it is important to know when and where extra protection may be needed. Here are some easy to access resources to help you take care of your skin daily.

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To wear sunscreen or not? 
Check out this article to help you decide what’s best for your skin. Do People of Color Need Sun Protection? Struggling to find a sunscreen that doesn’t leave your skin white? Here are some recommendations to check out. Allure Best Sunscreens for Black and Brown Skin 

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Skin cancer may look different on darker skin. Read more sun protection tips for the whole family and learn about the most common types of skin cancer.  
Skin Cancer Protection for People with More Melanin

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Interested in learning more about our skin? View what top skin docs say are the most common conditions that affect darker skin.
Skin Diseases and Conditions in People of Color


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