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People of color have been left out of conversations and solutions that would improve our health. Let’s change that.

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Understanding your gut

Understanding what your gut is telling you and how to manage your symptoms can help you live healthier.

Understanding IBD and IBS

Learn about the similarities and differences between IBD and IBS and how they impact your gut.

Get Involved in Research

Find out how you can be a part of creating potentially better treatment options for people of color with IBD.

All About Crohn’s Disease

Learn about the similarities and differences between IBD and IBS and how they impact your gut.

“To successfully manage gut health, it is vital that you not only advocate for your own health, but that you partner with a supportive, progressive, knowledgeable team of doctors that work well together to achieve your health goals.”

Latanja B., NOWINCLUDED Community Member

Making Gutsy Moves

Our NOWINCLUDED community members are not letting anything stop them from living their best lives.
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Meet Deanna

Living with IBD since 2008

Since being diagnosed with IBD as a young girl, Deanna has launched her own fashion boutique, become a mental health advocate, started a podcast, and brought a beautiful boy into this world. She still deals with IBD flare-ups, but she’s got some tips on how to deal with them.

Sharing your stories as told by you

The NOWINCLUDED gut health community is made up of resilient, compassionate, and empowered health advocates like Deanna who want to help other people of color live healthy by sharing their own experiences and struggles with digestive diseases. Find out how Deanna keeps her IBD in check.

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