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Are you or someone you know affected by colorectal cancer?

Designing microbiome therapeutics to help cure cancer

Up to 80% of our immune cells exist in the gut, and unlike our genome, which is mostly fixed from birth, the microbiome can be modified by diet, overall lifestyle and microbial therapeutics. A healthy microbiome increases the efficacy of drugs such as checkpoint inhibitors which take the blindfold off of the immune system, allowing it to recognize, attack, and kill cancer cells.


Number of cancer patients who don’t respond to this drug treatment due to severely damaged microbiomes which have limited kinds of bacteria.

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Here’s the truth. When it comes to medical research, we aren’t all included – not the way we should be, and not the way we can be.

People of Color make up 40 percent of the U.S. population, but there’s a real lack of diversity when it comes to people participating in genetic testing and clinical trials. That’s why certain medications don’t work for Black people, Hispanics and other People of Color, and that’s only scratching the surface. Let me put it this way: we’re underrepresented, which has only widened the number of healthcare disparities for us. That’s a problem, so let’s fix it.

Taking a unique approach to advocating gut microbiome health for minority groups. We help people understand the importance of participant studies that leverage the rich metabolic capabilities of the microbes to develop targeted nutritional products and better therapeutic drugs for African Americans. We provide content focused on innovative research in today’s market.

About the Gut Health Community

We are a community that shares stories and supports anyone affected by colorectal cancer. We are here to be informative, relational, helpful, and supportive. By joining this community, you will find engaging content about preventative care, clinical research, and funding options from experts and people just like you.

What We Offer

  • Community Engagement
  • Clinical Research Opportunities
  • Educational Forums
  • Shared Perspectives

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Participate?

We are an inclusive community for everyone whose life has been impacted by colorectal cancer. You may be a patient, a parent, caregiver, or more. We want you to feel supported, informed, and cared for by our community.

Who Created This Community?

Our community was created for people who are passionate about gut health and want to contribute to research that could impact the development of new equitable medicines for the future. Our goal is to be included in all health conversations. Our goal is a healthier community that is actively taking control of their health and having a colonoscopy for prevention.

How Do I Sign Up?

Follow the link here and click to join. A few simple steps and you will be a member of the community. Don’t forget to download the app for Android or iPhone!

Why Join?

Joining this community is a smart decision to help you be included in the conversation and innovations surrounding gut health. We want to support you through providing insights on preventative care, information on clinical research programs, and access to financial resources.

What Will I Be Asked To Do?

As a community member, you can actively post your insights, questions, and any information that can be helpful and supportive to others or, you can also choose to just read, comment, and like posts.

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