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Are you a survivor? Found yourself advocating for better health? Have A1 health and want to share tips with the community?

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john forrest

John Forrest

5 months ago
#Tips & Tricks

I’ve been trying to make a concerted effort to drink more water in 2023. This app Plant Nanny has been super helpful. It’s kind of silly, but you basically push […]



Aunt Niecy

5 months ago
#Chronic Conditions


Living with a chronic illness changes you. A chronic illness is any illness that last more than a year, place limitations on what you can do and requires medical care. […]


juwan platt

Juwan Platt

5 months ago
#Maternal & Fetal Health

Losing a baby is a difficult and painful experience that can leave a couple feeling lost and alone. My partner Maya and I recently went through this experience, and while […]


Tiffany Whitlow

Tiffany Whitlow

5 months ago
#Maternal & Fetal Health

I couldn’t sleep last night because of a deep cough, headache, and ear 🤕 ache. Of course I feel a strain on the right side of my belly from coughing […]


Rose Sherrod

Rose Sherrod

5 months ago
#Caregiver Support

We spent many days… weeks… and months in the hospital over a 15 year period. My son (Qe) always took everything in stride… scans, X-rays, chemotherapy treatments, etc. Being a […]


guy fisher

Guy Fisher

5 months ago
#Multiple Myeloma

I would like to share this wonderful article that was in the Columbus Dispatch on Sunday June 4th. My name is Guy and I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and […]




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