From pregnancy to parenthood,
worry to joy, and tears to smiles —
let’s talk about you and your baby’s health.

Healthier Pregnancies for Everyone

Through anecdotes and research, we know pregnancies for people of color are riskier.

But it shouldn’t be.

We believe in healthier pregnancies for everyone expecting a little one.

We are here to support people of color who have been, are currently, or are trying to be pregnant, and anyone else who’s interested in this life-changing experience.

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Even though this was her second pregnancy, Tiffany Whitlow had concerns — will the baby be okay? Will he need any extra support to be healthy and happy? Follow her journey as she prepared to welcome her baby boy, Ace!

Black Maternal Health & Doulas

Professional international doula Kris Bailey has been helping families grow since 2014.

Through nearly a decade of experience, she’s seen firsthand the undeniable physical and mental benefits of a birth and postpartum doula for everyone, including Black birthing people.

She believes Black birthing people “deserve joy to be restored in their pregnancy and birth stories” and shares five ways a doula can help during pregnancy and childbirth.

Mommy Listening Tour

When your mom tells you something, you listen. So, we’re here to listen to moms.

We want to hear your experiences with pregnancy and motherhood, so we can talk about how we can be healthy.

Join our community to to stay up to date on our mommy listening tour and connect with other moms!


More than 80% of pregnancy-related deaths in the U.S. are preventable. Learn what you can do to reduce pregnancy-related complications.

Know your rights and have the tools to confidently exercise your rights in maternal care.

Breastfeeding can have health and financial benefits. Read the breastfeeding journey of 10 Black moms.

Black Maternal Health Support