Our Hearts

NOWINCLUDED is here so you don’t skip a beat when it comes to your heart health.

The Hurdles of Heart Health

When it comes to matters of the heart, Black people experience it all.

Heart disease is the top killer in the U.S., and we suffer from it more than any other race. And, we are less likely to get the right treatment for it.

NOWINCLUDED is here to make sure this doesn’t continue.

Through our heart health community, we support people like you, or someone you know, who may be at greater risk for heart disease. By joining our community, you’ll get access to trusted resources to keep your heart problems at bay.

debra 1

Heart challenges are Debra’s number one health concern. Listen to hear why her family’s health history and issues with medication make her take her heart health seriously.

What to Look Out for When It Comes to Your Heart

When it comes to your heart, here are some common conditions that impact our community the most.

These are just a few heart conditions, but there are more. Read this article to learn more about the conditions that can change how your heart functions, whether it’s how blood flows in it or how it beats.


Why We Should Be Included

When we are not included in clinical research for heart disease, we can’t be sure if a treatment will work just as well or be just as safe for us as it will for other races.

By participating in clinical research, we can give ourselves a chance to have treatments that may work better and be safer for us.

Learning more about clinical research can be a critical step in improving health outcomes for future generations.

Healthy Hearts Are Always On Our Minds

You don’t have to go through heart health issues alone. NOWINCLUDED is here to make sure you have the resources and knowledge you need to keep your heart healthy. Stay on top of your heart health by joining the NOWINCLUDED community today.

NOWINCLUDED is here to provide you with:

  • Educational and trusted resources
  • Access to a supportive community where we’re seen and heard
  • Opportunities to learn about clinical research and improve our health

Want to learn even more about heart health?

When it comes to your heart, here are some common conditions that impact our community the most.

Join the Community


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