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We partner with with Alabama United because of how vital they are to improving the health of our marginalized communities. Together, we believe that we can achieve goals faster by using our community to help spread the word to those who are hard to reach.

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Miles College + NOWINCLUDED

Miles College entered the first of its kind partnership with us so that students and faculty make informed decisions about their health and act as health ambassadors to their communities and families. We know the sooner we can help students prioritize their health, the better their lives will be beyond college and well into adulthood. This will not only help them but also their future families.

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Build connections with the black community by partnering with NOWINCLUDED to host events


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The Compound + NOWINCLUDED

The Compound partners with NOWINCLUDED and the North Alabama AHEC Program because they are committed to keeping athletes healthy and their families safe. This partnership means that athletes have access to the testing and resources they need.

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Alabama Conference of Black Mayors + NOWINCLUDED

Through a partnership with the Alabama Conference of Black Mayors, NOWINCLUDED is enabling information that will improve the health of the black community from the leadership level within our communities. NOWINCLUDED has been able to bring valuable information to mayors that they can then share with their citizens.

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