Flow of Life: Every Kidney Counts

This toolkit was created for NOWINCLUDED ambassadors and partners to share our latest kidney campaign materials with your respective networks.

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About this Campaign

This campaign is designed to raise awareness about kidney health and disease within Black communities.

Leveraging both in-person gatherings and digital platforms, the campaign aims to educate the community on the importance of kidney health and spotlight the significance of APOL1-mediated kidney disease, while promoting clinical research education and awareness. Through our grassroots efforts and sustaining engagement through our digital platforms, the campaign aims to engage, educate, and empower individuals to take proactive steps in managing their kidney health, thereby improving health outcomes and minimizing the incidence of kidney disease.

Social posts

Below are draft social media posts that you can share on your social media accounts (e.g., Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook). On Instagram, feel free to share the URL in a story post or include it in your bio/linktree.

Flow of Life Post 1

Caption: Hey fam, we are in this together. Share your #KidneyHealth story and help your fellow community members better understand this disease.  

Join NOWINCLUDED in raising awareness and supporting kidney disease research. 

Flow of Life Post 2

Caption: Miyoshi received her kidney transplant 1 year ago after previously being diagnosed with kidney disease. She’s happy and healthy, and spreading awareness about the impact of kidney disease in our community on NOWINCLUDED. 

Have your or a loved one been impacted by kidney disease? Share your story today. #KidneyHealth #NOWINCLUDED #CommunityStories

Flow of Life Post 3

Caption: Staying on top of your health and wellness feels intimidating, but when Brandon was diagnosed with APOL1, he quickly learned how important it truly is. 💪🏾

Learn more about his story and how he manages his mental and physical health on the daily on NOWINCLUDED. #KidneyHealth #NOWINCLUDED #CommunityStories

Email & Website content

Flow of Life Banner 1

Caption: Let’s talk kidney disease. It’s our job to band together and inspire our community of fighters!

Join us in spreading awareness around #KidneyHealth by sharing your story on NOWINCLUDED today. 

Flow of Life Banner 2

Caption: You are not alone! We’re sharing stories of strength and perseverance from our ambassadors who are facing first-hand experiences with kidney disease.

They took control of their kidney health, and you can too. Join NOWINCLUDED to hear and share stories with our community. #KidneyHealth #NOWINCLUDED #CommunityStories

Email Messaging

Email #1 - general kidney health

Subject: It’s about time we talk about kidney health

Hi [Name], 

As we strive to promote health and well-being within our communities, we wanted to bring attention to a critical issue that affects many individuals within Black communities: kidney health.

Did you know that the APOL1 genetic mutation that can lead to kidney disease disproportionately impacts the Black community? This condition requires our collective attention and action. Join us in raising awareness and supporting clinical research so we can make strides towards better understanding and managing this disease.

We are in this together.  If you or someone you know has been affected by kidney disease, check out our online community on NOWINCLUDED and share your story, or simply feel the support of your community.


Email #2 - ambassador features

Subject: Stories Inspire change: learn about our ambassadors

Hi [Name],

We know how important it is to hear stories from people in your community, so: meet Brandon and Miyoshi.

Brandon has recently been diagnosed with APOL1 and is navigating the mental and physical effects of his diagnosis, while Miyoshi just celebrated a year since receiving a transplant after battling with kidney disease. 

We invite you to join us in supporting clinical research initiatives to raise awareness and understand more about kidney disease. Let’s continue to champion our health and celebrate the triumphs of individuals like Brandon and Miyoshi.

Together, we can pave the way towards a brighter, healthier future for all.


How can we help?

Share your story. get support. partner with us.

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