Michael Chaney shares his COVID19 story

Embracing Health, Community, and Hope: My Journey Through COVID-19

Hello, fellow NOWINCLUDED community members, it’s Michael Chaney here. Today, I want to share my story with you, not just as a narrative, but as a testament to the power of resilience, community, and hope in the face of challenges.

Born in Columbus, Georgia, and growing up as the middle child among my siblings, I learned early the importance of balance, compassion, and the undeniable value of health and wellness. These elements have been the cornerstone of my life, guiding me through the ebbs and flows of life’s myriad experiences.

Health and wellness, I’ve come to realize, are not just about avoiding illness. They are about enabling ourselves to chase our dreams, to embrace the life we aspire to lead. Without our health, our ambitions, our desires, and even our ability to experience life to its fullest can be significantly hindered. This belief has shaped much of my journey and my commitment to serving my community.

The advent of COVID-19 brought unprecedented challenges to us all, reshaping our lives in ways we could never have anticipated. For me, it meant a drastic change in how I could fulfill my role within my church and our community. Pre-COVID, I was at my church four days a week, actively involved in outreach activities, embodying the church’s mission to serve. However, as the pandemic intensified, these opportunities dwindled to just two days a week, significantly impacting the way I could contribute to our community’s welfare.

Yet, in the face of these challenges, I found resilience. The quiet of the pandemic, the forced slowdown, didn’t dampen my spirit. Instead, it reaffirmed my resolve to be of service wherever I could. With more time at home, I discovered new ways to reach out, to help those in need, particularly focusing on the aged and elderly within my facility. The truth is, there is always someone who could use a helping hand, and this period has only deepened my commitment to being that helping hand.

The possibility of a COVID-19 vaccine brings a beacon of hope. With thorough approval from the proper authorities, I would embrace it wholeheartedly. It represents not just a shield against the virus but a step towards reclaiming the life we all miss — a life filled with community interaction, with fulfilling our roles in our churches, our families, and our communities at large.

Through it all, my mantra has been a simple yet powerful one: “Let it shine.” This phrase has been my guiding light, a reminder to carry positivity and hope wherever I go, to illuminate the lives of others even in the darkest times. As we navigate these challenging times, I encourage you all to let your light shine. In every act of kindness, every gesture of support, we not only help those around us but also pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for our community.

Thank you for letting me share my story. Let’s continue to support each other, to build a community that’s not just included but united in hope and resilience.

Together, we can let it shine.


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