American Kidney Foundation & Kidney Action Week

While kidney disease impacts roughly 37 million Americans or 1 in 7 people, many still aren’t aware of the disease, its causes, and its lifelong implications. That’s where the American Kidney Fund (AKF) has taken center stage. AKF works to ensure “that every patient has access to the
healthcare and support they need at every step of their disease.” The organization offers comprehensive education and resources to support individuals and families affected by kidney disease, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of the condition and its impact. Similarly, AKF’s annual Kidney Action Week stands out as a flagship event, providing extensive opportunities for kidney education and awareness.

What is Kidney Action Week?

AKF describes Kidney Action Week as a week-long series of complimentary virtual sessions covering topics such as dialysis, kidney disease prevention, kidney-friendly dietary practices, transplant procedures, and advancements in kidney disease treatment. Serving as the nation’s exclusive free online conference, this event attracts a diverse audience comprising patients, caregivers, nephrologists, researchers, and other experts. Held annually in March, Kidney Action Week serves as a cornerstone of Kidney Month, spotlighting the significance of kidney health awareness and education. 

For its fifth year, the 2024 Kidney Action Week featured 26 virtual sessions that focused on everything from the basics of kidney disease and how the disease influences other ailments to government funding and congressional briefings. The week offered a comprehensive view of the
disease and what it means to live with it from a patient and family perspective.

Some topics included:
  • Heart Health and Kidney Disease: What’s the Connection?
  • Empower Yourself: Managing Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Lupus and Your Kidneys
  • Kidney Disease Through the Health Equity Lens – Striving to Bridge the Gap
  • APOL1-Mediated Kidney Disease Spotlight
  • Unknown Causes of Kidney Disease: Year 4
  • Innovations Showcase: Clinical Trials

Even though Kidney Action Week 2024 has ended, AKF has compiled the sessions on an easy-to-access YouTube page. The videos are available to the public for playback at no cost.

The American Kidney Fund Impact

Although AKF places much of its focus on Kidney Action Week and providing relevant, up-to-date content, its impact extends far beyond a single week in March. The organization makes over 134 transplants possible each month; has been driving kidney research forward for more than 30 years; and is the only kidney organization to achieve Charity Navigator’s highest 4-star rating. Above all, the organization provides ongoing support, guidance, and tangible resources that make a positive life impact on people who suffer from kidney disease.

To learn more about American Kidney Fund, Kidney Action Week, and to find ways to support the organization, including monetary donations, please visit

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