Living with a chronic illness changes you. A chronic illness is any illness that last more than a year, place limitations on what you can do and requires medical care. (disclaimer..anything posted in this community should not substitute medical advice of your doctor)

1. Have a chronic illness gracefully. Finding a metaphor to describe life can be healing because it gives meaning to our experiences. Having meaningful lives is a reason to go on in spite of the adversity and the struggle of it all.

2. Find a positive friend that you can share your emotions, experiences and care management with.

3. The ‘why me’ question will pop up. But, it unanswerable! FOCUSING ON WHY WILL SEND YOU DOWN A RABBIT HOLE OF DESPAIR. Focus on ‘How can I live with this illness and have a productive life’.

4. Make time for self care, self love and spiritually. Make an investment in yourself. Lifestyle changes are a must. Do not place yourself on the back burner. Healthy changes brings about a tenfold in dividends.

5. Try to focus on the positive in your life.

6. Manage your medications and reach out to your care team with any questions.
7. Be your own advocate

8. Remember you are more than your chronic illness.



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