Dr. Wakwaya’s Guide to Tackling Asthma in The Black Community

Asthma is a challenge for many in our community. To get a better handle on this condition, we spoke with Dr. Yosafe Wakwaya, a specialist in lung and critical care, who offered some great insights.


Yosafe Wakwaya, MD
Pulmonary Medicine, Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular Hospital – Dallas

The Impact of Asthma in the Black Community

Asthma hits our community hard, often because of environmental factors and less access to healthcare. Many Black Americans live in areas with lots of allergens and pollution, making asthma worse. Plus, a history of inadequate healthcare means many don’t get the consistent care they need.

Building Trust and Understanding

Dr. Wakwaya emphasizes the importance of trust between doctors and patients. He makes it a point to really listen to his patients’ stories and concerns. This helps patients feel more comfortable and open about their health, which leads to better care. He says, “I try to give patients unfiltered time to tell their story and hear their complaints, letting them know I understand what they’re feeling.”

The Role of Clinical Research

Clinical research is key to finding better treatments for asthma. However, there’s often hesitation in our community because of past injustices. Dr. Wakwaya addresses these worries by educating patients about the importance of clinical research, also known as clinical trials, and the safety measures in place today. “Participating in clinical trials is crucial for developing better treatments for future generations,” he explains.

Proactive Management

Regular check-ups with a lung doctor are essential for managing asthma. Many people might not notice their condition getting worse, so these visits are important. Staying active and keeping up with vaccinations also help protect lung health. Regular exercise and vaccines are simple ways to stay healthier and keep asthma under control.

Moving Forward Together

Insights like these from Dr. Wakawaya highlight the importance of proactive asthma management and building trust in healthcare. 

For more tips on managing asthma and other health conditions, join NOWINCLUDED’s our lung circle. Together, we can create a healthier future for all.

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