NOWIN at the Birmingham MLK Run January 2024

Unity and Rhythms: The MLK 5K Drum Run

Picture this: the early morning mist of Birmingham, Alabama, dissipates to reveal a gathering of souls, all pulsating with a shared purpose. This isn’t just any morning; it’s a day when the MLK 5K Drum Run transforms the Magic City into a living, breathing testament to health, unity, and the relentless spirit of the Civil Rights Movement.

The Heartbeat of Community at the MLK 5K Drum Run

From the get-go, the air was charged with anticipation. Romario, John, and Marques from the NOWINCLUDED team joined the run with many other members of the community. This event was more than a run; it was a bold stride towards a healthier future for Black communities, propelled by the rhythm of drumlines and the spirit of togetherness.

Kicking off in the Civil Rights District, participants embarked on a 3.1-mile journey, each step accompanied by the beat of drums, each mile a marker of progress. This wasn’t just about physical health; it was a showcase of the power of community and the role of cultural heritage in promoting wellness.

Echoes of Support

Amidst the rhythm and sweat, the run highlighted the multifaceted aspects of Black health. Donations to band booster associations from The Leftover Energy Foundation Inc. underscored the event’s commitment to nurturing youth and culture. Meanwhile, health narratives from UAB’s Dr. Adrienne Carter and courageous individuals living with conditions like IBD and PCOS, wove a rich tapestry of resilience and awareness.


Participating in the run exemplified NOWINCLUDED’s mission: to amplify healthcare awareness within communities. Discussions around lung health, the significance of clinical research, and the utilization of technology for health monitoring, like the Apple Watch’s AFib detection, spotlighted the event as a beacon of information and empowerment.

The Journey Continues

The path to elevating Black health is ongoing, and it’s paved with the unity and rhythms showcased at the MLK 5K Drum Run. As we reflect on this day, let’s carry forward the energy, lessons, and spirit of togetherness into every facet of our lives and communities.

Join the Movement

Want to learn more about the health topics discussed? Here are some resources to get you started:

The MLK 5K Drum Run is just the beginning. Together, we can shape a healthier, more vibrant future for Black communities everywhere. NOWINCLUDED is here to lead the way, with every beat, step, and story. Are you ready to join the movement?

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