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Join our community and make a commitment of health to yourself and your teammates.

COVID Sports Toolkits

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The Ins and Outs of Clinical Trials

Learn more about clinical trials and how they can help you and your family.

#NOWINCLUDED is a proud partner of:

SWAC: The Southwestern Athletic Conference

About SWAC

The SWAC is one of the premier HBCU conferences in the country.

The conference currently ranks among the most elite HBCUs for the number of alumni playing with professional sports teams. As of 2019, the league continues to set the bar for college football attendance leading all Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) conferences for 42 of the past 43 seasons. 

Current championship competition for the league includes men’s baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, indoor track & field, outdoor track & field, and tennis. Women’s competition is held in basketball, bowling, cross country, golf, indoor track & field, outdoor track & field, soccer, softball, tennis and volleyball.


A great part of SWAC’s mission is to improve intercollegiate athletic sports. We are committed to sustainable intercollegiate programming that enhances the lives of our athletes, their families, and the communities that support us. For these reasons, I am proud to announce that SWAC has partnered with #NOWINCLUDED. #NOWINCLUDED is the healthcare movement providing education and resources that empower minority populations to take control of their health. Just like #NowIncluded, SWAC believes the best choice is an informed choice. So, over the next several weeks we will work together to educate and offer resources about the COVID-19 vaccine development and the vaccine rollout. If SWAC has a chance at advancing intercollegiate sports and competing at the next level, we must adhere to CDC guidelines and make informed decisions regarding the vaccine. We invite our coaches, teams, families, and the community to join us in this much needed partnership. To do that, please visit our website or to pledge your participation by joining the community. SWAC is #NOWINCLUDED. We hope that you will become #NOWINCLUDED and committed to safely returning to the games we all love.

Dr. Charles McClelland. SWAC Commissioner

Why we chose to Partner with SWAC

SWAC has been impacting black lives for over 100 years.  The conference has a strong and substantiated track record of supporting its players and partners when the going gets tough. Similarly, after the unique athletic season of 2020, SWAC sought to take action in ensuring their players would stay healthy both on and off the field.

In partnering with us, SWAC seized a prime opportunity to further serve their athletes, coaches, and their community of supporters by inviting them to join the #NOWINCLUDED community. This partnership will help SWAC provide education and resources to players and their families that will help them better take control of their health. SWAC athletes will be equipped with the most relevant knowledge so that they stay on top of their game and are ready to get back on the field when the time is right. 

The educational services and opportunities we provide to members of our community are free. We do not sell member data.