As Real As It Gets

Self-proclaimed health pundits and conspiracy theorists alike have flooded our media with conflicting messages regarding COVID-19. One of the strongest stances has been around the actual validity of the virus’ existence. There are individuals who argue that COVID-19 is nothing more than a manufactured fear tactic built to diminish individual thought in order to bend to the will of government, corporate interest, etc. It makes you wonder if those individuals know or have spoken with someone who has experienced COVID-19 firsthand.

Being a survivor of COVID-19, I’m here to tell you today. It is real.

Meet John Hardy, a 63-year-old Alabamian who was planning on enjoying a delicious meal, when he suddenly lost his appetite. Thankfully, he took his health seriously and went to get tested for COVID-19. After finding out he was indeed COVID-19 positive, Mr. Hardy went home to take a warm bath and get some rest. That’s when things took a turn for the worst. 

“Towards the end of the bath, after draining the tub, I lost control of the limbs of my body and I couldn’t get out of the tub,” John shuddered as he thought back to that night. “And unfortunately I spent 2 ½ days in the tub waiting for some help.”

With no one to help and a weakening condition growing weaker, Mr. Hardy began feeling discouraged. “I started thinking the worst,” he said. “That death was inevitable.” 

On the third day, after repeated calls with no response, a couple of Mr. Hardy’s friends decided to stop by and check on him. Knowing something wasn’t right, they called the police and fire department to enter his home. They were left with no other choice but to knock down the door to rescue him. John didn’t realize exactly how fortunate he was until emergency medical workers explained that he only had about an hour of life left in him. Had his friends not stopped by to check on him, John Hardy would have fallen victim to COVID-19. While this story has a happy ending, the reality remains that COVID-19 posed a real threat to John’s life, one that continues to echo throughout our communities. 

Now is not the time for speculation or conspiracy theories. It is an opportunity to listen to individuals who have endured, and continue to endure the impact of the coronavirus. COVID-19 is REAL. It is capable of bringing an end to your life and the lives of those you love. At this point millions of lives are forever changed.

In the words of John Hardy, “Being a survivor of COVID-19, I’m here to tell you today. It is real.”


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