Behind the Beats: The Life of DJ Todd Alfred

Todd Alfred is a renowned, international DJ and producer from L.A. who currently lives in the Bay Area. His day job includes creating video content for large and small clients around the world. Todd is a classic introvert who prefers quiet evenings with his wife and listening to music while riding the BARTA train to work. 

I never looked at my condition as a death sentence. It was a wake up call to do better and through my support system, we did just that. 

His calm routine was disrupted when a regular doctor’s visit revealed that Todd’s liver function was declining. His levels were at life-threatening lows and served as a reality check for Todd and his wife. 

“The doctors were very straightforward with their diagnosis and confident we could come up with a good plan of care,” Todd said. “It would require serious commitment and discipline on my part, which is fine because I want to live. I want to enjoy living.” 

After talks of dialysis and possible transplant options, Todd and his wife decided to try the least invasive procedure: a restrictive diet that supports healthy liver function. His wife is a trained pastry chef and knows her way around a kitchen. Between her culinary skills, Todd’s discipline, and a healthcare team devoted to monitoring his progress – Todd was taking control of his health while inspiring others to do the same. 

Months later, Todd’s liver function miraculously improved to the point where he was no longer eligible for the transplant list and his levels were rising (which was unheard of) thanks to adhering to his diet along with frequent walks and maintaining a positive attitude towards his condition. 

“I never looked at my condition as a death sentence,” he explains. “It was a wake up call to do better and through my support system, we did just that. I’m looking forward to shooting more videos, making new music, and spending time with my family without the worry of illness. It’s still something I monitor, but I control my situation and that control is what keeps me going.” 

Todd continues to make music for the masses while shooting and editing video for his favorite brands. He is NOWINCLUDED and hopes his story of discipline and resilience will inspire others facing life-threatening conditions. There are too many resources to feel as though you are a victim to your health situation. Like Todd, the information is there for you to stay informed and take control of your health: mind, body, and soul. 


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