We are thrilled to announce that NOWINCLUDED has arrived in Detroit. NOWINCLUDED works within communities of color to raise awareness about health disparities and how we can work together to close the gap of inequities. 

Detroit has always been known for its resilience, perseverance, and community spirit. In an effort to empower the city to take control of its health narrative, NOWINCLUDED is here to highlight the health needs of Detroiters and amplify what makes Detroit unique.

We’ve all heard the story – Detroit is plagued with chronic illnesses, high crime rates, limited access to quality care, and so on. This narrative doesn’t need to persist. It’s exactly why NOWINCLUDED has come to Detroit. We are using our community to tell our stories and hear our voices. The only way to create a healthier future for us today, and for generations to come, is to own the story being written. 

We must come together to create impactful change. That’s why we hosted our first community meet-up on Wednesday, February 8, 2023 at The Block. Metro Detroit residents came together to share their personal health experiences, connect in meaningful ways, and rally behind the NOWINCLUDED movement to make a real difference in the lives of our communities. 

We heard from representatives across the city from different health systems to civic organizations to local government employees to retirees who are loyal city volunteers. One thing is clear – we are all in this together! 
To stay connected to NOWINCLUDED exclusive resources, health-related content, and first access to Detroit community stories and photos – be sure to join our community today!

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