Dorothy Smith’s Journey to Health and Wellbeing

Dorothy’s story, filled with wisdom, faith, and practical advice, serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of lifestyle choices on our overall health. Her story is a testament to the fact that at any age, and under any circumstances, we can strive for better health and happiness.

Roots in Tradition and Health

Dorothy grew up on a farm, a lifestyle that instilled in her the importance of what we consume and its impact on our health. With a big family of ten siblings, her upbringing was centered around the principles of eating well and living in harmony with nature’s bounty. Dorothy emphasizes the significance of diet in maintaining health, particularly avoiding pork, in adherence to her spiritual beliefs and the teachings she follows. “What you eat, that’s what you are,” Dorothy states, underscoring the direct link between diet and wellbeing.

A Spiritual Guide to Wellbeing

For Dorothy, her faith plays a crucial role in her approach to health. She believes that following the word of God helps her make better choices for her heart, soul, mind, and spirit. This holistic view of health is something Dorothy lives by, ensuring that her lifestyle choices are aligned with what she believes to be divine guidance for optimal health.

Adapting to Challenges with Grace

Despite the isolation and challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Dorothy has found ways to maintain her health and spirit. Through exercise, a balanced diet, reading the Bible, writing notes, and meditation, she has adapted to the changes without losing sight of her health goals. Even humorously noting the weight gain as part of the journey, Dorothy’s resilience shines through, showcasing her ability to find balance and positivity in trying times.

A Message of Hope and Inclusion

Dorothy’s willingness to embrace the COVID-19 vaccine reflects her trust in divine wisdom and her commitment to community health. “My name is Dorothy Smith, and I am NOWINCLUDED,” she proudly states, embracing both her faith and the importance of collective wellbeing. Her story is a testament to the power of faith, diet, and lifestyle in achieving health and happiness.


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