Being named to the Inc. 2022 Best in Business list in the Southeast Region category is a major accomplishment for Acclinate. Recognition of this magnitude highlights the hard work and dedication to communities of color that Acclinate puts in. Through NOWINCLUDED, we’ll continue to showcase our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Being added to this list is particularly important for a few reasons. First and foremost, it validates that improving the health outcomes of communities of color is important. It signals to the industry that NOWINCLUDED is a leader in the space and a community to be reckoned with.

Additionally, being named to the Inc. 2022 Best in Business list helps increase the visibility of NOWINCLUDED and our mission to empower our community to make better-informed health decisions. This increased visibility helps to attract new community members and partners, furthering NOWINCLUDED’s growth and success.

The team at Acclinate takes pride in our work with NOWINCLUDED and continues to be dedicated to better health outcomes for all. 

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