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Join us in celebrating World Kidney Day and National Kidney Month with our #MyKidneysAreINCLUDED 30 Day Challenge! Read more…


Being told you or someone you love has cancer can be life-changing. Sometimes, you hear about positive outcomes, but…

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None of us are strangers to respiratory conditions. You or a loved one may have
Welcome to the conversation with Ms. Anita Thomas, Ms. Doris Bell, and Ms. Rosemary Robinson

In the African-American community, the black church remains a trusted source of information for your

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Minority Health and Research Center has partnered with Birmingham

The question of any day in the midst of the pandemic seems to be, WHY

A health provider’s voice speaks volumes in the world of healthcare as it is a

Improving the overall health and wealth of a community isn’t an easy task. It takes

Alabama United supports new, non-traditional approaches, including rapid detection devices and home-based testing technologies, that

To bolster research to help communities disproportionately affected by COVID-19, the National Institutes of Health


Kidney health matters! Did you know that kidney disease impacts about 37 million people in

You may have heard of clinical research, also known as clinical trials or clinical studies,

Fortitude Fitness Expo
The Fortitude Fitness Expo, held on May 4, 2024, at Beulah Missionary Baptist Church, showcased
Find answers to commonly asked questions about clinical studies.
Wearable technology is changing how we monitor our heart health at home. Learn more about
Read about the impact of Kidney Action Week on Black lives.

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