December 2021
Healthcare Professional Story

The Power of Responsibility

For centuries, the voice and opinion of medical doctors has been layered with trust and authority from our society. In...
November 2021
Healthcare Professional Story

I Am My Grandmother’s Keeper

It has been my dream since the age of five to be a healthcare provider. I always saw myself as a doctor and that is...
October 2021 | TX
Healthcare Professional Story

Physician, Listener & Advocate

As an African American, female women's health advocate and physician-scientist, I've found representation matters...
September 2021 | AL
Healthcare Professional Story

COVID-19: The Other Voice

In the midst of the pandemic, many experiences, hesitancies and challenges have been met and shared by those both...
September 2021 | AL
Healthcare Professional Story

Real Talk About COVID-19

The University of Alabama at Birmingham Minority Health and Research Center has partnered with Birmingham based...
September 2021
Healthcare Professional Story

Driven to Succeed

Building a strong healthcare system requires authentic focus on the needs of the people. In doing so, we look to...
August 2021
Healthcare Professional Story

Accidental Hero

I am an accidental hero. Not because I am a doctor, but because I made a choice years ago that has saved lives. It...
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