True Generational Wealth: It Starts with You

Who our grandparents are is who we hope to one day be. Who our children are is who we used to be. This cycle of never-ending beginnings and endings is often called… LIFE. 

Knowing and acting on your family health history is an important way to protect your health.

One of the most popular topics of today’s moment is generational wealth, where discussions of past, present and future financial decisions can build one’s legacy up for a secure lifestyle of prosperity that will last beyond the existence of the individual. Currently, the term “wealth” that is spoken about refers to the knowledge of monetary and material success factors. But it seems that the most important factor has been overlooked. Even in the process of working for the substance and survival of one’s legacy, none of it can be achieved without health and vitality.  Because you and your family share the same genes, family health history is a record of the diseases and health conditions in your family. Knowing and acting on your family health history is an important way to protect your health.

As minority populations continue to grow and new diseases are discovered, steps toward a cure are revealed or a new medication is created to treat current health conditions. For years, talking about the subject of health regarding our ancestors or even ourselves has been locked in the world of the non-disclosed, especially in diverse cultures. You just didn’t talk about it and half of the time going to the doctor was not an option. 

Unfortunately, this result not only left the world of medicine with very little to no information to work with for research, but also hindered people from having an understanding of conditions, illnesses and even deaths that often occurred. Family history includes all of these factors, any of which can affect your health.

We must begin with a collaborative effort among all healthcare advocates and providers.  Reaching out is more than correspondence, it is face to face communication with those impacted. Older and younger residents must become community level advocates that gives a genuine view of the situations surrounding the people. People must be able to see that there are others who care and are willing to help. The trust factor built between the two will open the doors for accepting the education and access measures being put forth. Most importantly, it will influence the willingness of people to share past and current conditions that establish the investments in what really matters. The Surgeon General offers a web-based tool, “My Family Health Portrait” to help people begin the process and maintain the information. There is not much offered beyond the grave but at least you have the opportunity of NOW to make the difference.

As defined by Webster’s, “generational” refers to a body of living beings who represent a place in the line of descent from a line of their ancestry. This is YOU. Change is inevitable and it is through the experiences of these changes that our generations evolve. We all represent a place in time that tells the story of those before us and leads those behind us. We all have a responsibility to share and continue to learn so that we can educate those who impact our tomorrow and represent the parts of who we are that are meant to last forever. True Generational Wealth exceeds any value that can be defined and it begins with YOU.  Make the investment today so you can be NOWINCLUDED!


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